Our Services.

We offer a range of services for individuals & businesses. Stella Rosa is here to help take your brand to another level

Influencer Campaigns

Influencer campaigns are a useful tool for brands and services to create awareness and organic growth towards their product. Stella Rosa’s campaigns are done with that in mind as well as creating unique ways to provide leads, allowing you to reach a larger audience

Social Promotion

Our creators have a world-wide audience. Their voice and influence will help drive more engagement and conversion accross platforms toward your brand

Social Media Management

Stella Rosa applies their digital space knowledge into building and optimizing top channels, for influencers and brands, through creative strategies developed specifically for you

Content Creation

We are specialists when it comes to connecting our businesses with brands they like or brands that want to work with them. Developing creative and strategic campaigns that are directed towards gaining organic reach, engagement and positive results for our clients/brand partners


Our team of photographers and videographers are able to produce premium content for our influencers and your brand


Our influencers can help boost events for your establishment, be it a night-club, a bar or festival. Our influencers voices can help increase the popularity of your event. Stella Rosa also provides an avenue for interested businesses to meet our influencers face-to-face, as well as networking


Daily consulting with our influencers as well as an in-depth analysis into your insights enabling us to create a social media strategy for you with the purpose of improving what your brand may be lacking

Our Three Mottos

Take a look at some of our awesome features


Every step of your work process will be handled by our team with true professionalism


We perform our clients’ tasks with utmost quality and integrity


You can count on us to make sure your project is completed with care

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Office: Novaragasse 36 / A, 1020 Vienna

General: info@stella-rosa.com

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