About Stella Rosa.

We are a team of technical creative  thinkers, helping influencers and businesses reach beyond their goals, through more online engagement, traffic generation to their websites and social pages, improve their standings, and receive more conversions. Although we are based in Vienna, Austria, we work with clients and influencers from around the world

We offer a range of services for individuals & businesses

Providing Quality Service for over 3 years 

We pride ourselves in making our influencers and clients, our top priority above all else. Everything we do is ensure that our clients and influencers are able to build a successful brand through the many services we provide. Delivering positive results has always been our main commitment.

Our Mission

Stella Rosa works with influencers, large scale brands and franchises, but that does not stop us from putting the same amount of focus and hard-work into helping fast-growing creators and businesses with their needs, whether they are small or medium sized. Stella Rosa is here to make sure your brand reaches for the stars

Our Vision

We aim to always stay one step ahead of whatever is happening in the digital space. This, in turn helps us create fresh and unique strategies. Therefore, helping our clients and creators be able to keep up with user-behaviour and algorithm changes

Our Three Mottos

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Every step of your work process will be handled by our team with true professionalism 


We perform our clients’ tasks with utmost quality and integrity


You can count on us to make sure your project is completed with care

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Office: Novaragasse 36 / A, 1020 Vienna

General: info@stella-rosa.com

Influencer: management@stella-rosa.com

Business: business@stella-rosa.com


+43 (676) 5022 172